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Sunday, December 07, 2008


I found your Blog tonight and just finished reading your posts. Not only were they really interesting but I completely enjoyed your style of writing and sense of humor. I'm a new, amatuer printer myself so can appreciate the learning curve which sometimes seems to rival the curvature of the earth, or perhaps Jupiter. Your prop cards look great, by the way.


Thanks for the compliment, Rich, and that's a great metaphor! I've actually been meaning to go look up one of your posts from the Letpress listserv, so I'm pleased to run into you in cyberspace. I printed up a bunch of personalized sheets to make into pads of paper for Christmas presents and now need to glue them together into pads. I remember your explanation of the process to be really great. I'll post (the hopefully good results) with pictures when I actually do it.

The pads were a lot of fun and have so much potential for variation in terms of style, subject, and use. It didn't hurt that they were extremely easy and (gasp) inexpensive. A padding press isn't absolutely necessary but kept me from pulling out the few remaining hairs on the top of my head by insuring the allignment of all the sheets and applying even pressure. I made my press from scraps of wood at work (I'm a cabinetmaker) so it only cost some time and a couple bucks for the metal fittings from Home Depot. Since I was an especially good boy at the time and got a Home Depot gift card from work for one month's perfect attendance (even a broken clock is right twice a day), it was all free, free, free! My kind of project.

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