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Monday, February 09, 2009


Excellent adventure! I'm so glad you were able to get a larger press, and at the best price. And please, no guilt about the extra goodies. As a fellow American I commend you on doing your patriotic duty by helping to stimulate the economy in this time of need. I did a little stimulating myself a week ago and scored 24 cases of type and misc. stuff. It was as close to free as you can get but I was happy to contribute to our collective recession-busting in even a small way. Yes.

I'll follow up with Alan re: the hooks and springs. I'd be surprised if he didn't have some and he knows where he can get them if he doesn't. I'll give him a call.

It does mean more driving, but if you're especially daring and don't mind bears you might want to venture into the wilds of the Garden State and pay Alan a visit at his shop/museum. He's glad to have visitors and is always ready to answer questions, etc. He's the one with the Pearl I mentioned and you could take a look at that Liberty press.

Thanks, Rich, that would be great. so far I'm having no luck with the roller hooks and springs. I assume I'll be able to find similar springs from some company, but I would like to avoid that route.

Visiting Alan's shop is definitely on my list of things to do. Bears, huh?

It's not driving in general that freaks me out - just getting out of New York City! Once I'm out, I'm fine, but navigating the Long Island Expressway or the bridges or the West Side Highway is a frightening prospect when you only drive a couple times a year and you come from a place where drivers pull onto the shoulder to let others pass and then wave at each a lot.

Congratulations on the new type! Is there anything especially great in there? Pretty soon your living room will be bursting at the seams.

The shop is spreading through the house like the Black Death spread through Europe. I've had to enlist the space of the small rear bedroom I've been using for an office. Besides my old desk are now a double-tiered type cbinet, a galley rack (part of the score from last week), a Miller trimmer saw, a paper drill, misc. parts for a Vandercook Model 17 I'll restore some day when I figure out where to put it, etc.

The type was mostly various styles of Gothic, mostly caps in larger sizes. A large size of Goudy caps, and some misc. other fonts. I'll find that list and post it. I'm still identifying some of them which is half the fun. About 400-500 pounds altogether. No kidding.

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