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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I think they came out really good. And I especially like the bird cut on the RSVP where it looks like it's soaring low over the water.

Did you have a probem with the weight of the body of the envelope making the envelope fall off the platen since there's really nothing there to support it? Or did you add a chipboard, etc. extension to the platen to support it? Well, one way or the other your new 6x10 will have a bigger platen and will make that kind of thing easier.

I'm really surprised at Owosso regarding the base of that plate. Not that I have any experience with them but making small, flat blocks of wood is not exactly rocket science. They either need to use better quality wood or have better quality control, or both. Is part of the wood white-ish in color as oppossed to red-ish? Cherry is the usual wood for this and the red is the heartwood and the white the sapwood. The heartwood is more stable. If they mixed the two that might account for movement (swelling and shrinking) variations.

Moving the Lettra sheets over a source of steam (e.g. tea kettle spout) for a minute before printing will soften them enough so that the paper won't crack/crush. I keep a small hotplate in my shop and a teakettle just in case I have trouble with heavy stock. Of course, this rarely is an issue with the amount of impression I strive for, and the fact that all of my paper so far is "found" stock and I have no Lettra.

Can't wait for Part 2!


Rich, you are exactly right about the wood blocks - one half was read and the other white, and the white half was lower in both cases. I've used Owosso for a few different things, and this is the first time I've had a problem. It wasn't a big deal to level it, but that's what made me really start looking into making some use of my honeycomb base. Well that, and the fact that I don't really have room to store many wood mounted plates.

That's a good idea about the teakettle, I'll have to try that sometime.

The envelopes did stay on the platen fine with the rubber band holding them down. I think I just had two where they slid out and I misprinted. I am really looking forward to having a bigger area to work with. Hopefully I'll ink up the new press tomorrow - there have been ongoing roller hook spring issues that have prevented it so far.

They look fabulous Maggie, well done. When do we get to see Part 2?

Very nice.I really like it.Thanks.

I like this invitations so cute,good you shared this. :)


Simply beautiful, i mean! This would make an awesome invitations. :)


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