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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wow, congradulations! The prints sure came out great and I really like the design. How do you find this press prints compared to the smaller Kelsey?

I can share your excitement at printing something so nicely with a newly set up press as I had the same experience with my 10x15. It seemed like forever before I got to that point, and just recently too, but now I feel like I can really do the things I want without the press holding me back.

I can't wait to hear about the restoration, adjustment, etc.

So shout it out!


Thanks Rich!
The main difference I've noticed so far between the two Kelseys is that the 6x10 really does feel a lot bigger. It doesn't sound that much larger, but it really is and I love it.

The other difference of note is that my old Kelsey didn't have nuts to lock in the impression screws, so they often slipped out of where I had set them if the humidity or something changed. I know that this is the case with many of the older style Kelseys, and I know that I could have bought longer screws and added nuts, but for some reason I never did (the old screws are really nice looking?).

Well, they changed the design to have the nuts for a reason. Obviously. I'm going to strongly recommend that the purchaser of the 5x8 Kelsey invest in new screws and nuts.

Are those quads or sorts glued to the topsheet for gauge pins?

Yes, they're these angled 3M sorts that came with this strange font that I have yet to fully clean or identify, but it all has angled shoulders. It came with my 5x8 and so far, much of it is damaged.

Anyway, I usually pre-cut my paper, so if I'm printing very near the edge of the paper, I use glued on sorts or sometimes those stick on photo corners so that the gauge pin tongues don't get smashed. Then I put a rubber band around the gripper bars to hold the paper further, but business cards are so small that I can't do that.

It works pretty well usually. I think I had one misprint with this batch.

I always feel like trimming the paper later wastes more paper than just pre-cutting it, so I feel too guilty to trim later. Of course, pre-cutting can be a real pain for printing close to the edge.

Actually my whole paper cutting situation is irritating. I'm still using a small rotary cutter from an office supply store, so it takes forever and isn't terribly precise. I'd really like to get a small old paper cutter, but there are space issues and I haven't found one yet (but I haven't really been looking because of the space issues). I'm loath to buy one of the new Chinese stack cutters, but I may eventually break down and do it. I may also eventually break down and get rid of my couch, but I haven't yet reached that point. Talk to me again if I find a Pearl!

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