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Friday, August 28, 2009


Now that was a really good, common sense oriented post that was very refreshing. It should be mandatory reading before any printing equipment purchases, as witness today's example:


What amazes me is that for the last week or so there have been a number of posts with extensive answers on Briar Press about the issue of roller height and inking by several different people, none of whom obviously read any of the archived information that was already there. How does one decide to pusue something and even go so far as to make purchases without knowing anything about what they propose to do? You'd think they would pause for at least a moment to exercise enough common sense to realize they don't even know if they're getting what they need, if it's any good, or the price is right, etc.

Anyway, the things you pointed out were right on the money, literally.

Unfortunately, I live nowhere near any letterpress sources. By hours and miles. I had to learn as I went.

But for me, and probably only for me, that was part of the fun.

Oh Asia, I think you and I were cut from similar cloth. I too really do appreciate the little frustrations and victories we get from teaching ourselves how to print, but I sort of wrote this post for all sorts.

I know that there are newbie printers who don't enjoy the hobby as much as they think they will, and that is one of the major reasons why I push so hard the idea of taking classes first, even if you have to take a "vacation" to do it.

Also, letterpress printing has so many challenges anyway, that classes just seem like a good thing to arm yourself with.

Again, it's just my opinion, and I know that some areas of the country have more classes than others. I'm so glad you've been able to print anyway.

I took a look at your blog and really enjoyed it - with printing and bicycles and more, we seem to have quite a bit in common. Are you going to show some of your letterpress adventures on your blog too?


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