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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So nice to hear that you're feeling better, and back to printing! I love your blog - you should know that it was (and is) inspiration for my own letterpress adventures. Your trials and successes are learning tools for me, and for countless others I'm sure.

We exchanged emails awhile ago (we have Dave Churchman in common), and I invited you to my studio in Gowanus. I've since acquired a C&P 10x15, and the offer still stands. If you ever want to come give it a spin and talk letterpress you're more than welcome.

Welcome back!

Thanks Kate; that really means a lot to me. I definitely want to see your studio sometime - and try out that big press!
Congratulations on the move up; I sort of figured you's be wanting more than a Kelsey pretty soon.
After I'm moved in, I'll be sure to email you.

i am a secret blog stalker! and like kate, i love your blog too! just wanted to let you know that i'm out there reading and appreciating your blog too!

Oh Debbie! You guys are so nice!

I took a look at your blog too - good reading.

Maybe you'll be less of a "stalker" now that your blog is public - I never realized how awesome it is to comment until I got a couple on my posts. Of course, if you want to just be a silent reader (perhaps a preferred term over stalker!), that's cool too.

thanks! and yes, i will no longer be stalkerish, haha.. never knew how liberating it would feel to comment on blogs i adore! you'll be seeing much of me in the future! cheers to you on your new move!

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