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Monday, January 31, 2011


Thank you for posting again:-). I'm glad you mentioned the wood mounted plates from Owosso, I have found major problem in their work. I thought I was just being too fussy, but after tree days of pain I placed the plate I have on a perfect marble slab and the opposite corners where 2 mm off!!! That's a lot! Since the project was for my own 'Save the Date' I just grunted and kept going the best I knew how, but I'm thinking very very hard about the Boxcar base!
Keep posting, I'll keep reading.


Hi Yelena, Thanks for the encouragement!

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has had trouble only because I have been a bit worried that I was too harsh on them. I've used their plates with no problems a couple times too, so I don't want to be too one-sided.

If I switch over to polymer soon, hopefully we can learn together.

Hey Maggie, I was printing with Owosso plates for nearly four years when I finally made the switch to the Boxcar base and photopolymer plates. I was feeling exactly like you - I did not want to take the time to re-learn and re-set up my press because I simply did not have the time between jobs. But after frustrating job after frustrating job with those dang wood-mounted dies, I finally made the switch (in January during a quite period before wedding season) and I have not looked back. Every problem you listed you had with the Owosso plates (and I have had every problem you listed as well!!) has gone away. Seriously. My press set-up time has literally been cut in half (even more) because I am not constantly screwing around with ink coverage, roller heights, adding paper/tape to the back of the wood and rails, and so on and so on. The one huge difference I have noticed between the magnesium and photopolymer is the photopolymer does not take as fine of a line or capture as much detail as the magnesium (for example, if you want to print a vintage woodcut image, the photopolyer does not capture as much of the line details), but it not a huge difference (and would only be noticeable to us!). I used to blame my press (a Golding Jobber from 1898) for all of my woes, but it was the Owosso plates the entire time. White the initial investment in the Boxcar base is a lot, the price for photopolyer is much less expensive than the magnesium so you will save money in the long run. As a side note, I have complained to Owosso numerous times and have asked them re-do plates for me and Express ship them (I send them photos of what was wrong with the die whether it be a nick, a piece of a word is cut off or the wood is totally wonky) and they have always done it for me no questions asked. So, they do have really great customer service! Hope all that info helps!! Oh! And you may want to check out Reich Savoy paper as an alternative to Lettra (I love Holyoke too and used it for my own wedding invitations).

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